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Carpet Cleaning

Professional Carpet Cleaning, Treatments & Stretching

Professional Carpet Cleaning METHOD

Is their a difference between a Carpet Manufacturer’s Recommendation and the various “METHODS” offered to the public? YES!!

Do not be deceived! The world’s LARGEST carpet manufacturer recommends the only recognized professional DEEP CLEANING method as “hot water /steam extraction”. At American Cleaning & Restoration, Inc. that is our standard. We make continual investments in the quality, equipment, products, education, and service you ultimately receive. We start with the manufacturer’s recommendation. Because we service commercial and residental properties, our high standards must be maintained.

Unfortunately, allot of misleading information is given to the public in an effort to seize your wealth for their own immediate gain. Sadly, the result is many consumers are left with damaged carpet fibers that are now worse than before, as stains that were once removable can often be “set” or fibers permanently discolored, especially when dealing with deep pile soil. Everyday chemicals, spills, pet dander, bacteria, allergens, etc… are trapped in your carpet.

At American Cleaning & Restoration, Inc. we strive for excellence. Our certified and uniformed technicians know the best steps to take to ensure the very best results. Your continued and satisfied relationship is the ONLY goal! Your satisfaction IS our satisfaction!




Deep pile soil requires a professional “deep cleaning” that other methods cannot eliminate from your fibers. At American Cleaning & Restoration, Inc. if your carpet has been soiled with pet urine/waste, we offer a Pet Odor Removal/ Stain Treatment process using a powerful enzyme and molecular modifier cleansing. Combine those treatments with a steam cleaning rinse, and the results are outsanding.


At American Cleaning & Restoration, Inc. we offer professional carpet stretching as well. Just give us a call and we’ll be happy to give you a free estimate! Many times consumers will consider purchasing new carpet due to loose ripples or buckles in their current carpet, thinking the carpet is worn. However, a professional stretching may save you hundreds of thousands of dollars and give you the excellent results you desire.

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