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Air Duct Cleaning is Essential for Every Home and Office | ACR

The air you breathe plays a significant role in determining your well-being. Most people spend the majority of their time indoors. We are all subjected to the air emitted by our furnaces and air conditioners. If this air does not have a perfectly clean space to travel through before reaching the living or working area, sickness may occur.

Air Ducts Only Remain Clean For So Long

As time progresses, every air duct eventually accumulates dust, dirt, allergens, mold, and other nasty particles. You and your family or co-workers should not inhale these particles. Doing so can mean that you succumb to sickness or allergies. This is precisely why regular air duct cleaning is an important component of HVAC maintenance.

In some instances, insects and rodents select air ducts as their living spaces. They will bring food into the air ducts, leave their droppings and generally make a mess. There is also the matter of pet hair. A home with a pet or several pets will likely end up with pet hair in the air ducts. This hair can accumulate and diminish the quality of your air as it passes through the ducts. Though you certainly love your little bundle of fur, you do not need to breathe in air after it repeatedly circulates around clumps of dog or cat hair that found its way into the air ducts.

Air Duct Cleaning Done Right

If you have not had your air ducts cleaned in a year or longer, it is time for a thorough cleaning. A good air duct cleaning involves the use of special tools to dislodge grime and gunk throughout the entirety of the ducts. Our expert duct cleaners have all the equipment necessary to clean your air ducts in a comprehensive manner. We have vacuums, brushes, specialized blowers, and other tools necessary to fully clean the intake, supply, and ducts that send air through your home or office. If necessary, we will clean the air handler, fans, grilles, registers, motors, coils, and housings. This approach loosens up all those nasty particles so they can be removed. The hose and containment system is tightly sealed so the contaminants do not leak out into the surrounding spaces.

Amateurs who attempt air duct cleaning often use inferior equipment without a HEPA filtration system. This flawed approach ultimately transmits contaminants into the customer’s living or working space. This spread of dust, dirt, and allergens can significantly compromise the quality of your air. Don’t settle for less than the best to clean your air ducts: seek a qualified HVAC expert for your air duct cleaning to ensure a thorough clean of the main supply duct, the return air ducts, and the branch distribution ducts that provides lovely, fresh air.

The Clean Air You and Your Loved Ones Deserve

Consider the amount of time you spend inside throughout the year. Most people escape the harsh weather by remaining indoors, whether at home or work. You have to power to eliminate mold, allergens, and gunk from your indoor air supply. Let our air duct cleaners rid your ducts of those unsavory particles and you will rest easy knowing the air you breathe is perfectly clean.

Breathe in clean air and you will feel better, take fewer sick days, and enjoy allergy relief. You’ll never again hesitate to turn on your furnace or air conditioner, as you will be confident the air that transmits through the ducts is as clean as it gets.