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Space Heater Risks | American Carpet Cleaning

Space heaters are a common contributor to home fire & smoke damage.  According to the National Fire Protection Association, space heaters are among the leading causes of house fires.  They are especially likely to cause fires when they are run continuously or when placed too near combustible items, such as curtains. Ideally, heaters should be placed at least 3 feet away from flammable items, and never run overnight.

Despite their small size, they are capable of drawing excessive electricity, which tends to overwhelm most extension cords. Besides, while electric space heaters lack an open flame, they have heating elements capable of getting sufficiently hot to ignite the nearby flammable items.

Although most home and business owners can access simple cleaning products and tools, restoring the upholstery, carpets, and drapes that have been blackened by the fumes of fire is often a daunting task. It is not unusual to find people erroneously assuming that employing basic techniques will be effective. However, a single mistake can lead to extensive damage to the items in question, which could necessitate expensive replacements.

It would be prudent to leave this task to trained professionals for exceptional results.  Hiring cleaning professionals with significant experience in water damage mitigation will ensure effective drying and mold remediation, which is essential in repairing fire & smoke damage.

Cleaning Smoke Damage Involves Soot Removal

Soot is arguably the most crucial thing to remove from the upholstery, drapes, and carpet. Since soot is an oil-based substance, it requires quick removal lest it attracts dust to the items in question. It is imperative that you employ appropriate soot removal methods; otherwise, you will end up driving it even deeper into the fabrics and carpeting. The professionals dealing with the aftermath of fire & smoke damage understand the importance of covering up the carpet or furniture after cleaning. This helps to prevent the items from getting soiled again as they proceed to the other affected areas of your home or business.

Use of Specialty Equipment

The professionals handling fire & smoke damage employ state-of-the-art devices that include rotary scrubbers, wet cleaning tools and extractors that operate by injecting steam. Extractors offer these professionals the added advantage of dealing with little or no detergent foam or residue. In the majority of incidences, the damage requires at least two applications irrespective of the tools used. Attempting to tackle this task yourself is likely to lead to excessive moisture on the upholstery and carpet as well as the use of too much shampoo. Conversely, certified technicians will employ appropriate methods to avoid issues that would otherwise cause additional damage to your furniture and carpeting.

Furniture materials are among the most important variables when it comes to the effective cleanup of the aftermath of the fire.  Metal furniture can start rusting thus staining your carpet, while upholstery can stain the carpet with dyes. Failure to use appropriate tools like protective squares and foam blocks would make it difficult to keep the furniture separated from the carpet when waiting for it to dry.

Having a restoration company at your disposal and in your emergency contacts is extremely vital. While firefighters might put an effort to avoid causing damage to your furniture and carpeting when extinguishing the fire, there is bound to be some residue of foam, water or other retardant deployed to save your home. Should you be in need of fire & smoke damage repair services, hire American Carpet Cleaning who will undoubtedly restore your home to its initial state.