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Carpet Cleaning for Your Big Dinner | Be Prepared

If you’re expecting guests over for a big dinner, a party or any other gathering, you want to make sure your home is as merry and bright as the people inside it. For most, this means hours of meticulous cleaning. While you’re running around dusting the house and tidying everything up, though, you might just forget about what’s right underneath your feet. One of the most overlooked areas for deep cleaning is the carpet. Even if it looks fine to you, your carpets might benefit from a little extra attention. Before your big dinner, make sure the house is ready for guests with the help of your friends at American Carpet Clean: here are three good reasons why you’ll be glad you did.

Clean Last-Minute Stains

When preparing for a party, there always seems to be at least one little hiccup. Perhaps the kids tracked mud into the house with their boots; maybe a few frosted dessert crumbs got tracked around underfoot; maybe you accidentally dropped a glass of festive red wine while preparing drinks. Whatever the cause, if a sudden stain pops up on your carpet, you probably want to take care of it before guests arrive. That may seem daunting with only a few hours of prep time left and so much to do, but with the right support on your side, it’ll be a cinch.  Carpet cleaning professionals can work quickly to take care of any nasty carpet messes while you tackle whatever else needs work around the house – or just sit back and relax. Either is fine with us!

Improve Carpet Texture

The presence of small children, large crowds in small rooms, and activities like opening presents under the tree are all common occurrences during the season that lead to a lot of direct contact with your carpets. If they feel sticky, dusty, matted or otherwise unpleasant to the touch, your guests will notice. Due to the deceptive thickness of most home carpeting, washing and scrubbing by hand rarely fixes this problem – you simply can’t go deep enough. Thorough carpet cleaning, on the other hand, can return your carpets to the beautiful plush softness they had when they were new.

Handle Pet Dander

You love your pets; they’re part of the family and you probably can’t imagine life without them. Pet owners often become so accustomed to living with their animals’ shed fur and dander that they no longer notice its presence. This may not be the case for all of your guests, though. Pet dander allergies are extremely common and can produce rather severe reactions, so it’s important to take them seriously. No amount of vacuuming is going to remove all dander embedded into the carpet fibers. In fact, vacuuming alone may simply stir up these built-up allergens and make the problem worse. There may also be a slight lingering smell from your pets in your carpets that others could find unpleasant. Getting a professional deep cleaning will eliminate all of these issues and let your guests enjoy your pets’ company just as much as you do.

When it comes to your carpets this holiday season, don’t fret. Get your home  ready for the festivities with a complete carpet cleaning from American Carpet Clean.  We can clean one room, your whole house, or even just a specific spot on your carpet; it all depends on what you need. Whether you’re looking for pre-party carpet cleaning or you want to schedule a service following a big party, contact the team at American Carpet Clean today and let us make it