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We Care About Your Oriental Rugs | American Carpet Cleaning

Oriental rugs are more than just areas to place your feet and help you avoid the cold materials, like wood and stone. Oriental rugs are show pieces. Intricate and beautifully woven together, these valuable flooring decorations capture the attention of visitors. Of course, you can’t just treat these rugs the same way you would a carpet. With the handcrafted design of the rug, you need to pay extra careful attention to its delicacy. Using the wrong cleaning agent on your rug can result in the inks bleeding or staining. It may cause the fibers to unravel or other damage to your rug’s beautiful artistry. That’s why you need to take advantage of the services offered by American Carpet Cleaning. Our team of professionals care about your Oriental rugs and will ensure proper care, while also treating and restoring your rug, so it looks brand new.

Expert Advice

In addition to the cleaning services for your oriental rug that American Carpet Cleaning offers, our team provides expert advice on rug maintenance throughout the year. This way, your rug will maintain its beautiful luster and appearance longer, which also allows you to go longer between cleanings.

First, you want to rotate your rugs. Don’t purchase an oriental rug and keep it in one location until it’s completely worn out. Try to rotate the rug with other rugs every year or two. This way, you can bring new life into the room with a new design while reducing the amount of foot traffic applied directly to each rug. So if you have a rug in the den, one in the bedroom and one in the living room, you’ll extend the life of all rugs by rotating them while also giving guests a new experience every few years.

The dyed fibers of your rug will begin to fade when left in the sun. When you have invested money in such a beautiful piece of art, you want to keep it out of direct sunlight. Place your older rugs or rugs without as much value in the areas around direct sunlight. You want your oriental rugs placed in locations where direct sunlight is not constant.

Finally, you need to vacuum your rug. Some people are a bit skittish when it comes to vacuuming their Oriental rug. They are afraid the vacuum might unravel the rug or cause damage. If you are worried about this, then lift the sweeper on the vacuum (you may want to turn the beater bar off altogether). However, by vacuuming you will prevent the fibers from becoming compacted.

Expert Cleaning

Over time, the color of your rug will begin to fade. This is from dirt and general wear. What it needs is an expert cleaning. Different oriental rugs respond to different kinds of chemicals and cleaning solutions, which is why it is so important to bring in the experts at American Carpet Cleaning for all of these rugs.

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Taking care of oriental rugs is different than the kind of care and upkeep your regular carpet requires. Due to this, you need a professional team who understands how to care for such a rug and takes pride in restoring it back to its natural color and beauty. At American Carpet Cleaning, that’s exactly what you get. So, if you’re interested in the oriental rug services that our company provides, or interested in general carpet cleaning, or have other questions you’d like answered, all you need to do is pick up your phone and give our team of carpet experts a call today.