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The Top 3 Tips for Getting Pet Odor Out of Your Carpets | American Carpet Cleaning

Pets have a way of bringing new life and joy to a household. From puppies to kittens and everything in between, the love of an animal is pure and always there. Of course, the one thing you don’t want to always be there is the smell of pets throughout the house. If you’re not careful, that familiar smell of dog can emanate from the carpeting whenever someone enters the house. You may even become accustomed to the smell, but your house guests will not. That’s why you need to handle the pet odor problem as quickly as possible.

These top three tips from American Cleaning & Restoration will help you get pet odors out of your carpets:

Act Fast

If your pet has an accident, you need to act as quickly as possible. The longer you delay, the more difficult it becomes to clean it up and remove the odor. The general smell of pets happens over a longer period of time, but a puppy accident can take hold of a room in no time. Draw out any urine with paper towels until you can’t pull out any more. From there, apply a pet stain and odor cleaner. This will help break up and kill the odor enzymes.Use a carpet brush to work it in. Vacuum when you’re done to remove the debris from the area. As long as you acted fast enough, it’s possible to absorb the liquids before it seeps through the carpet into the padding. Once it reaches the padding, it becomes difficult to remove the odor on your own.

Clean Regularly

Regular cleanings can reduce the impact your pets have on the carpet. This can be done in many different ways. First, make sure you’re regularly washing your pets. Giving them baths helps prevent oil build up in their fur, which rubs off into the carpet. Make sure to brush them as well on a regular basis. This reduces the amount of hair that becomes impacted into the carpet. Lastly, you need to vacuum your carpet several times a week. You can also purchase odor-eliminating carpet powder that you sprinkle onto the carpet. Let this sit for a few minutes and then vacuum it up. Not only does it help eliminate the smell of pets, it also brings in a nice, clean scent to the room as well.

Utilize Professional Cleaning Services

No matter what you do to prevent pet odor from hitting your home, eventually it will become an issue. That is why it’s so important for you to use the services provided by American Cleaning & Restoration. Having your carpet deep-cleaned not only removes odor enzymes but pulls out dirt, debris and other grime your pets may have brought into the house. This is necessary if your pets go outside. By having the carpets professionally cleaned, you’ll improve your home’s air quality and also reduce any allergic reactions family and friends might have (especially if you have cats in the house).

At American Cleaning & Restoration, no matter how many pets you have or how long it’s been since the last carpet cleaning, our team of professionals can come in and restore the aroma of your home back to its pre-pet days. So whether you’ve just had enough of the current pet odor or you have family and friends visiting so you want it as clean as possible, make sure to give the team at American Carpet Cleaning & Restoration a call today.