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Protect Your Tiled Floors from Dirt and Stains | American Carpet Cleaning

Most homeowners look at tile, whether on counters or floors, as a solid stone, making it easier to care for. While this is true in some cases, most tiles are actually rather porous, which means the tile will absorb stains, making it especially difficult to clean. Ceramic and other kiln-filled composite tiles do have porous features, which means unless you’re right on top of spills, you run the risk of a stain developing. It also means dirt and potentially mold may develop when tiles aren’t taken care of properly. In order to restore your tiled floors, walls, and counters back to a newer condition and prevent future stains, you need to use the professional services offered by American Carpet Cleaning.

Safe Cleaning Products for Tile

When your tiles become stained, you may turn to harsh chemicals or other products in hopes of removing the stain. The problem with this is that the product may not be safe for the particular kind of tile you have. Each kind of stone tile responds differently to cleaning products. The last thing you want to do is bleach out your granite or marble tiles attempting to remove a stain that sat too long. Tile cleaning relies heavily on the right cleaning product for the right stone. That’s exactly why you need to turn to professionals who know how to clean your tile floors.

Remove Dirt and Stains

Stains come in all sorts of shapes and sizes. However, it isn’t just the sudden stains that deteriorate the look of your tile floor. It’s also the slow accumulation of dirt and grime on the floors. Dirt builds up slowly over time. In fact, if you haven’t had the floors deep cleaned in awhile, you may have a steady coating of dirt over the tile and not even know about it. Cleaning the floor helps remove the layer of grime and restore your flooring to a condition that’s like new. Take back your tile floor, and restore its appearance with the help of the cleaning professionals at American Carpet Cleaning.

Extra Difficult Grout

Sometimes, grout causes more problems than the tile itself. Grout collects dirt and stains easier than most tile. When grout looks dirty, the entire floor looks dirty. If you’ve ever tried to clean your grout before, you know just how troublesome it is to clean. Unless you want to spend hours on your hands and knees cleaning grout with a toothbrush, you need to use the tile cleaning services offered by the team at American Carpet Cleaning. Grout cleaning is part of the tile cleaning process, so when you have our experts come out to restore the look of your tile, it includes your grout as well. Stop fretting over how your tile floor, walls or counter look. With the help of American Carpet Cleaning, you’ll have the natural beauty of your tile back, no matter how dirty or stained it is.

With the help of American Carpet Cleaning, it’s possible to restore your tile floors back to pristine condition. Whether you’ve spilled wine or you simply want to remove dirt and other stains tracked in from outside the house, you need a service provider that specializes in cleaning tiles. That’s one of the several services American Carpet Cleaning provides. So, if your ready to book a professional tile cleaning, have questions about what will take place or want to know more about other services offered by our company, now is the time to pick up your phone and give the team a call.