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Working With Your Insurance Company

water damage claremore, water damage cleanup claremoreDealing with the stress and worry when your home floods are enough frustration for any homeowner. Working with your insurance company, especially if you have a difficult time with them, can push it over the edge. We at American Cleaning in the Claremore area are dedicated to helping you restore your home after any type of water damage emergency. On top of that, however, we will also be there to help you work with your insurance company to make the insurance claim and restoration process go more smoothly before you. Below are five tips for working with your insurance company that will help you in the future if your home is ever damaged by a flood

Review Your Policy

Your first step before doing anything with your insurance company should be to review your policy. This is important because water damage policies can very specific. For example, some include damage caused by the immediate flooding but not mold damage that occurs later on. Make sure that your policy covers what you need.

Notify Your Insurance Company

One of the things you should do very soon after a flood is to contact your insurance company. To save time, make sure you have your policy number on hand and any other pertinent account information. Also, be careful using the word “flood” when describing your issue since it is common for insurance policies to cover water damage but not flood damage.

Document The Damage

The more evidence you have to back up your water damage claim that better. It is better to go overboard and gather too much evidence than to not gather enough. This evidence should include pictures before the damage and pictures after the damage, a detailed inventory of your possessions, and documentation of the involvement of others.

File A Claim

You are advised to prepare a written notice to your insurance company as soon as you have reviewed your insurance policy and gathered the necessary information (date of the water damage, the location of damage, a complete list of damaged items and materials, receipts for initial cleanup and emergency repairs, remediation estimates, etc.). Have in mind that it may be days before an adjuster comes to inspect your property. This can sometimes be up to fifteen days. Obviously you want to do what you can to speed this up. Coming to an agreement with your insurance as soon as you can, will be beneficial in helping you speed up the process.  

Dealing with the water damage restoration process and filing insurance claims is something you hopefully will never have to go through. However, sometimes it just can’t be prevented despite your best efforts. Our team of professional restoration technicians at American Cleaning in Claremore are experienced in the industry and will be able to provide you with quality restoration service along with help and advice on working through any problems with your insurance company.