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How To Handle Water Overflows

water damage claremore, water damage repair claremoreThe holidays are so wonderful. You get to spend time with family and friends, enjoy good food and catch up. But after it’s over you have to pack up and go home. You get in the car and journey home and just as you pull in your parking lot you realize “Oh, crap! I think I may have left the water on in the kitchen”. As you rush into the house you realize that the kitchen water has been running through the whole holiday weekend. Your home is partially flooded and is probably generating mold by now. You are no expert, but in your mind, you are probably calculating how much the repairs are going to cost and how the heck does the cleanup process begin?

If you live in Claremore or the surrounding areas, you are going to look for a water damage professional that can arrive quickly, help remove standing water and dry the affected areas quickly. Who can properly repair water damage near you and be reasonable about the prices?


Thankfully, when a water disaster strikes, there are professional water remediation companies that specialize in water removal, drying, and repairing the damaged areas. In Claremore, American Carpet Clean is a great company that can help with any amount of water damage. 

Everyone knows that water damage can be extensive, so it is paramount that you call a great restoration company to repair any damages done, and with the aid of your insurance company, restore any belongings that may have been damaged or even lost due to your watery catastrophe.  

It is also imperative that safety is the primary concern of everyone involved. Water disasters don’t always come from clean water sources and in homes and businesses you have to think about the electricity involved. Never enter a water damaged property without it being cleared by professionals for safety.

A great water damage company offers many services that you should take advantage of. Some of these services include:

  • Removal of water, including 24-hour emergency response (the first 48 hours of a flooding event are critical)
  • Complete cleaning and drying of carpets, furniture, drapes, curtains, etc.
  • Mold detection, removal, and prevention services, including any flooring or wall materials that must be repaired or replaced
  • Final cleaning services


When it comes to proper water damage remediation, you want to be sure that the company you choose is reputable and has good reviews. No company should ever cut corners with water damage because that could result in a significant and costly mold problem.

To resolve this issue, rely on the trusted Claremore professionals at American Cleaning and Restoration. We offer 24-hour emergency water damage cleanup and work hard to make sure that mold is not going to be a future concern for you. Our team is experienced, dedicated, and ready at any moment a disaster happens. Don’t stress if a pipe bursts in the middle of the night – we will respond ASAP.

If you are struggling with a water disaster – call our team back now for immediate assistance.