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Saving Your Carpets While Training Your Pup

Both expensive purebreds and lucky, scruffy, rescue puppies bring so much joy into your home. Unfortunately, they all bring many small gifts. The chemical composition of pet stains and odors creates one of the most difficult things for pet owners to remove. However, a professional carpet cleaning company can save you countless hours of frustration […]

Preserve Your Rug with the Finest Quality Rug Cleaning Service | American Carpet Cleaning

We invest a lot of money on flooring in our homes. Rugs are one of the most common types of flooring, and once they are installed, it is time to begin preservation efforts. You want to try and help that rug stay looking as new a few years from now as the day it was installed. How can […]

8 Common Carpet Cleaning Mistakes | American Carpet Cleaning

Keeping your carpets and throw rugs clean not only improves the appearance of your house but it improves the air quality as well. Whether you have children and pets or live on your own, doing what you can to improve the cleanliness of your carpet goes a long way in enhancing your overall level of […]

We Care About Your Oriental Rugs | American Carpet Cleaning

Oriental rugs are more than just areas to place your feet and help you avoid the cold materials, like wood and stone. Oriental rugs are show pieces. Intricate and beautifully woven together, these valuable flooring decorations capture the attention of visitors. Of course, you can’t just treat these rugs the same way you would a carpet. […]

Know the Importance of a Clean Carpet | American Carpet Cleaning

As the weather continues to get warmer and people begin heading outdoors, it’s important that you don’t lose focus on what needs to be done inside your home.  Among the chores you need to accomplish is keeping your carpet clean, an essential routine that will significantly contribute to prolonging the life span of this investment. Just […]

Carpet Cleaning for Your Big Dinner | Be Prepared

If you’re expecting guests over for a big dinner, a party or any other gathering, you want to make sure your home is as merry and bright as the people inside it. For most, this means hours of meticulous cleaning. While you’re running around dusting the house and tidying everything up, though, you might just forget […]

What Happens During a Carpet Cleaning? | American Carpet Cleaning

Considering new carpet? Maybe you don’t need to. Your carpeting over time becomes dull due to constant foot traffic and caked dirt tracked in from the outside. A simple carpet cleaning treats and conditions your flooring, which not only brings out the original color of the fibers but helps rejuvenate the carpet. Having your carpet cleaned […]