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Pet Urine Treatment

Pets are without a doubt the most adorable members of our family, but they are also the most problematic when it comes to taking care of your carpet. Even the most loyal and house-trained pets can have an accident in your home. And while scrubbing and cleaning solutions can take care of some of the damage, there is usually a remnant of the stain or odor that is left behind.

At American Cleaning & Restoration, our carpet cleaning experts also happen to be experts in dealing with pet stains and odors. We offer pet urine treatments that effectively clean and disinfect stains and eliminates any lingering odors. We’ll help you keep your pet out of the dog house with this quick and affordable service!

Effective Pet Urine Removal

When a pet has an accident on the carpet, the urine will often soak through the carpet to the carpet pad and subfloor. This is why most at-home remedies will not address the odor, and why stains may reappear after they have been cleaned.

We utilize specialized cleaning solutions that target and break down urine deposits for effective removal. We then use high-powered extraction tools to remove the urine deposits from the carpet fibers, backing, and carpet pad. The stain is removed, and the odor gone. In severe cases, it may be necessary to clean and seal the subfloor in addition to the carpet and pad.

No matter how big or small, our experienced team of carpet cleaning experts is happy to help resolve your pet stain and odor concerns. Contact us today to get an estimate or to schedule an appointment!