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Fire and Smoke Damage Restoration

We Offer Professional Fire and Smoke Restoration Services, 24/7

In firefighting, real work begins once the fire truck is gone. Without immediate response, the aftereffects of the fire can quickly damage your property leading to immeasurable losses.  

The following is a timeline of the damages that often happen following a home fire;

• Within minutes: Acidic soot residue causes plastic to yellow, highly porous material such as marble and alabaster discolor permanently, and small appliances located close to the source of combustion discolor.

• Within hours: Acid residue stain grout in bathrooms, uncoated metals tarnish, furniture finishes might discolor, counter tops may yellow, finishes on certain appliances such as refrigerators may yellow, and fiberglass bath fixtures may also yellow.

• Within days: Painted walls will begin to yellow, wood furniture may permanently discolor, vinyl flooring may need to be replaced, upholstery will discolor permanently, clothing also discolor permanently, and metal surfaces corrode and even rust.  

• Within weeks: Damage tremendously escalates. Silver surfaces are permanently corroded, synthetic carpet fibers yellow or discolor permanently, and glass and crystal materials may etch necessitating replacement.

Beyond that, you can’t even imagine what would happen to your valuables. At the very least, half of your items would be affected. Don’t forget that soot is also a health risk!

For these reasons, it’s critical that you seek fire smoke restoration services as soon as the fire goes out.

Why choose us?

American Carpet Cleaning & Restoration is the preferred fire smoke restoration service provider in and around Tulsa, Oklahoma. Among other things, we;

• Have an emergency service line – 981-333-3993

• Have highly trained restoration specialists

• Guarantee swift response because we are local

• Guarantee compassionate services because we are family-owned

If possible, dial the emergency number even before the fire fighters leave so we can get our restoration team there early enough. Among others, we’ll send;

• Fire smoke restoration technicians

• Odor control technicians

• Upholstery & fabric cleaning experts

• Water damage restoration technicians

The team is under strict instruction to attempt restoration first before considering any replacements. This helps to keep costs down, saving you from additional stress.

How the restoration process works – step-by-step

• Step 1: You give us a call

Begin by calling your insurance provider. Then, call us. Since our emergency line is open 24/7, call us as soon as you can. This will allows us to respond promptly to avert further damage.

• Step 2: Inspection and damage assessment

Upon arrival, we will assess electrical systems, gas system, plumbing systems, and other areas of the home and establish a backup power system if need be.

• Step 3: Immediate board-up and roof tarp

If need be, we will also board-up and tarp roof areas to prevent structural damage. This can go a long way in saving costs.

• Step 4: Water removal and drying

After a fire response, you might have water standing all over the home in small ponds. We will take steps to drain the water and dry your home.    

• Step 5: Removal of soot from surfaces

We’ve already seen the potential effects of soot. We have the know-how and equipment to professionally wipe soot from any surface.

• Step 6:  Cleaning and repair

At this stage, we take steps to remove foul odors, clear thermal fogging, and perform wall-to-wall carpet cleaning to get rid of any reminders of the fire.

• Step 7: Final restoration

As a final step, we’ll transport your rugs and furniture to our facility for specialized cleaning and drying. Then, new structural material including insulation, framing, drywall, roofing, and carpets are installed where necessary.

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