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Mold Testing & Removal

A mold problem is one of the most troublesome problems a home or business owner could experience. Mold growth can lead to unhealthy conditions in your property and can be incredibly difficult to eradicated on your own. If you have or suspect mold growth in your property, American Cleaning & Restoration is certified by the Indoor Air Quality Association (IAQA) in Mold Testing and Remediation and we can help you get to the root of the problem to ensure it’s gone for good.

Mold is often found in warm, humid spaces that are susceptible to moisture problems. Bathroom ceilings, windows, basements, attics, and under sinks are common places for mold to grow. Mold can also grow inside walls and underneath floorboards where pipes may leak unnoticed.

Mold is also a risk when the property has been recently affected by water damage. Mold can begin growing in as little as 24 hours after water has been introduced, making it essential to call a professional right away.

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Professional Mold Testing

Mold isn’t always noticeable to the human eye. Mold growth can be hidden behind walls, in ceilings, and underneath carpet. Professional mold testing can help you determine if a mold problem exists, or if mold has been properly remediated.

When & why you should test for mold

  • If you notice signs of mold such as a musty odor
  • To find the location of the mold growth
  • To identify the species of mold in your home
  • As one of the processes involved in testing indoor air quality
  • To test if mold in the home has been completely removed
  • If you are buying a new home and want to ensure that it is healthy before you move in

If unhealthy levels of mold are detected, we will help create a customized plan for your property that will eradicate the mold at the surface and completely eliminate all mold growth.

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Types of Mold Tests

Air testing

Also called air sampling, this test is used to determine the presence and concentration of mold spores in air. Using the testing kit, samples of the home air are collected and sent to the lab for examination.

Surface testing

In surface testing, samples are collected from household surfaces such as walls and ceilings. These samples are sent to a lab to determine the amount of mold growth and concentration of spores in the home. Samples can be collected by tape lifting or swabbing among other methods.

Bulk testing

In bulk testing, we collect pieces of material from your home and take them to the laboratory where each of the materials is examined under a microscope.

Hiring A Professional

Many people believe that it’s possible to remove mold with bleach or other household mold cleaning agents, but this is usually unsuccessful and the mold returns after a few days. Visible mold growth is typically just a small sample of a much bigger mold problem under the surface. To properly clean and eradicate the mold, you will need a professional team that can identify the source of the mold and make sure it is all removed.

American Cleaning and Restoration is highly certified, trained, and experienced in successful mold remediation. Our technicians know that mold should be handled with care. Our experts know how to safely and successfully remove mold from your home or office so it doesn’t spread and contaminate other areas of your property.

Call our professional team now for high-quality mold remediation!