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Upholstery Cleaning

American Cleaning and Restoration specializes in upholstery and furniture cleaning.  Call us today and we’ll bring out the best in your furniture upholstery!

Most homeowners in Tulsa have a variety of furniture fabrics- micro-fiber, silk, etc. American Cleaning & Restoration’s technicians are specially trained to handle all types of furniture fabrics. We begin by carefully inspecting each piece, looking at the construction and fabric type. Then we select the cleaning method that will safely remove dirt, stains, and odors. We treat your furniture with the utmost care, ensuring that it will be left clean, fresh, and looking like new again.


Tips for Furniture Cleaning 

The key to furniture cleaning is knowing the correct cleaning method for each type of fabric. A good furniture cleaning service, such as American Cleaning & Restoration, will inspect your furniture to determine which is the most ideal technique to remove the stains, odors, and dirt from the upholstery, taking into consideration the construction as well as the fabric. As many homes now have a number of different types of furniture fabrics, such as silk, micro-fiber, it’s best that you choose a furniture cleaning company that can deal with a variety of upholstery types.

If you have micro-fiber furniture, it is important that you keep it properly maintained and have it cleaned regularly by a professional. Though it is a very durable type of upholstery, improper care of it can lead to fading and tearing. Also, there are several codes printed on the tag of your micro-fiber furniture that indicates the method needed to clean it without causing damage, this is where a trained furniture cleaners will know exactly what to do and be the best person for the job.

Sofa cleaning is never an easy task, as you must use the proper chemicals and tools to clean it thoroughly. In addition, it can often be a physically demand task, as most sofas are rather large in size and its cushions cannot simply be tossed into the wash. Let us, the furniture cleaning pros, do all of the strenuous work for you, and avoid all the effort and frustration associated with cleaning your sofa all by yourself. Life is already hectic as it is…you don’t have to add furniture cleaning to your already long to-do list.

If you’re need of furniture cleaning, but simply don’t know which company is best for your particular needs and budget, then you might want to consider American Cleaning and Restoration, Inc. We are committed to providing each of our customers with top quality service, technicians, and products. Call us today for a free quote!


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