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Trauma Scene Cleanup

Get Professional Trauma Scene Cleanup Services

Trauma scene cleanup refers to the process of thoroughly cleaning up a residential or business environment by sanitizing, disinfecting, and disposing of potentially hazardous materials. Also known as bio-hazard remediation, the process involves the cleanup of bodily fluids, blood and several other potentially infectious substances.

Trauma scene cleanup is not just any type of cleaning. Proper attention has to be given to the affected area with the use of special cleaning agents. Moreover, most of the traumatic scenes evoke a lot of emotion, which is why cleaners have to demonstrate compassion toward those receiving the cleanup services.

When is a trauma scene cleanup necessary?

• Crime scenes: Crime scenes can be very horrifying, messy or even bloody. There might be total destruction of property and dead bodies could also be involved. Such a scene cannot be cleaned by the people involved or affected. This is because the situation can be so emotional, and if any law enforcement is involved they will need to collect evidence.

• Accidents: Tragic accidents will often involve blood and other organic matter that will need to be handled with extreme caution.

• Suicide and unattended death: Dealing with dead bodies is not an easy task, and not everyone can do it. It needs a strong heart, special training and commitment. There are cases where death might have occurred unnoticed and the dead body could be decomposing. Such a scene is gross and unhealthy and will need professional handling.

• Sewage burst: The waste drainage can be damaged leading to a serious outburst. Beside the fact that waste matter is highly hazardous, it produces a stench that cannot be tolerated for long. The situation will therefore need special cleanup.

• Disease contamination: In case of any viral disease outbreak, trauma scene cleanup should quickly be geared. Such diseases are highly infectious and if not maintained in the early stages, painful losses will be experienced.

• Clandestine labs: Drug and meth labs should always be handled with extra caution, even during cleaning. Meth is highly poisonous and should not be within reach to anyone, especially children.

Why you need a professional

As implied earlier, not everyone can execute a trauma cleanup. The work is very demanding and therefore needs people that are completely up to the task. Composure, training and attention to detail are key requirements. Below are the reasons why you should hire only a professional whenever you need trauma scene cleanup;

• Safety

Choosing a certified professional will guarantee you safety throughout and after the cleanup. This is because the professional cleaner will have the right protective gear for you and themselves. They will have the correct cleaning agents for your situation ensuring total safety instead of more danger. Moreover, professional trauma scene cleaners are trained to show compassion to the affected. A professional will make you feel safe, calm and settled.

• Proper disposal

Be it a dead and decomposing body or a totally crashed vehicle, a professional trauma scene cleaner will properly dispose of the matter, following the set legal regulations and standards.

• Availability

A professional cleaner can guarantee you their complete availability. This is because just like you might be a banker 24-hour, they are also trauma scene cleaners 24/7. So it does not matter what time of the day or night you will need their help. They will be available.

• Integrity

You need a cleanup crew that you can trust in your home, with your property or business. A professional is trained to always uphold integrity when dealing with customers.

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